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We know that the employee benefit plan is critical for recognition as an Employer of Choice.  Also, an organization that is known for its leadership and best practices fosters a culture for employees to thrive and top talent to remain.

-Alexandra Jesse

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Contact Us for a consultation.


As a human resource professional we know the importance of your time and the value of supporting your team. 

Our goal is to deliver a cost-effective and time-efficient employee benefit package to our clients. 

As a professional, it is important that you stay in touch with updates and innovations in your field.  There is a list of human resources at the end of this page you may find helpful.  Resources for HR

One-Two-Three Service
We respond quickly to claim, benefit, and enrollment issues.  The One-Two-Three Service Plan is HIPPA compliant.

One.  Within the first hour of a critical issue Jesse Consulting will have contacted the relevant parties such as the insurance company, hospital, doctor’s office, pharmacist, and our client regarding status of the situation.

Two.  Within the first two hours of a less critical issue the relevant parties are contacted along with our client and given a briefing.

Three.  Within the first three hours of a non-critical issue the relevant parties are contacted and our client is contacted within 48 hours with the pertinent information.

We work directly with employees and advocate on their behalf always referencing our clients’ policy.  We understand the claim process can be stressful and we strive to make it as smooth as possible.

Plan Analysis, Negotiation, and Implementation
Each plan, new and renewing, is unique and cannot be rubber-stamped.  We review them line-by-line every year.  Our process includes our clients’:

  • Budget and goals for profit;
  • Funding risk tolerance, such as fully or self-funded choices;
  • Geographic locations, including international;
  • Culture within the workplace;
  • Employee Benefits group and voluntary; and
  • Executive policies.

Renewal Action Plan
Thanks to our long-term relationships with leading insurance companies and industry specialists we offer our clients well-informed solutions.  At Jesse Consulting we offer:

  • Surveys for employees, online and confidential;
  • Executive policy audit;
  • Open enrollment collateral for employees; and
  • Group meetings, in person and online.

We work closely with our client on each of these steps within these time frames, whenever possible:

Step One:  Review, 6 - 12 months in advance

  • Current policy review;
  • Budget review;
  • Goals, current and each year thereafter;
  • Survey for employees; and
  • Executive policy audit.

Step Two:  Decide, 4 - 6 months in advance

  • Enrollment and eligibility; decide if eligibility applies to employees, their children, and/or spouses/domestic partners;
  • Cost share, determine the appropriate amount for the employer and employee; and
  • Employee benefits, specify the choices of the group and voluntary plans.

Step Three: Implement, 3 - 4 months in advance

  • Open enrollment collateral completed; and
  • Employee meetings in person and/or online.

At Jesse Consulting we believe that employees, as informed consumers, make better decisions for themselves and their families.

Strategic Partners
At Jesse Consulting our strategic partnerships provide our clients with access to consultants who are recognized in their field which includes:

  • Compensation;
  • Retirement plans;
  • COBRA administration;
  • Human, U.S. and international; and
  • Payroll vendors, U.S. and international.

Your Benefits are Our Business. ™

United States, Resources for HR

Department of Health and Human Services,
This department provides information and enforces the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  One of the main tenants of HIPAA is privacy.  This is the protection of individual identifiable health information.

Department of Labor,
They are responsible for the administration and compliance of labor laws.  This site provides information on employer notices, such as for HIPAA and health care reform.

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) information is also on this site.  “An Employer’s Guide to Group Health Continuation Coverage under COBRA,” is quite useful.

Internal Revenue Service,
This site has information and publications including forms for employer reporting, qualified expenses for flexible spending accounts, and health spending accounts and much more.

This site includes information about Medicare and employer group plans.

SHRM, Society for Human Resource Management,
The world’s largest human resource management association, SHRM provides education and information services, conferences and seminar, government and media representation, online services and publications to professional and student members throughout the world.

Canada, Resources for HR

BCHRMA, BC Human Resources Management Association,
BC HRMA, the largest human resources association in Western Canada, offers professional development and networking opportunities including workshops, symposia, roundtables, events, and an annual conference and tradeshow.